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We have the leading brands such as Hoover, Beko, Samsung, Bosch, Indesit, etc. with the latest energy and water saving features. Again please come in a let us advice you on what appliance best meets your requirements!

Beko 7kg Condenser Dryer DTGC7000W

Product Features:

  • Reverse Action Drum: If you're tired of unloading messy heaps of laundry, our reverse action drum can help. By separating your garments as they're drying, the drum helps to reduce creasing.
  • Automatic Anti-creasing Function: Anti-creasing function rotates the drum periodically for up to 2 hours after a cycle has finished, separating your laundry to minimise creases.
  • Auto Cool Down Phase: You can comfortably unload your laundry with our cool down phase, which blows cool air into the drum just before the cycle ends.
Product Specifications:
  • Load Capacity - 7Kg
  • Energy Rating -  B
  • Dryness Control Method - Timed
  • Drying Technology - Condenser
  • Time Delay - No
Included in this price is a contribution to recycling costs of €5.00


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Blomberg 10kg Condenser dryer LTK21003W

Functioning in harmony with your life, our sensor programmes allow you to decide beforehand exactly how dry you’d like your laundry. Intelligently detecting moisture levels in the drum, the cycle will automatically stop when the desired dryness has been achieved. Not only does this technology take better care of your clothes, but your energy bills will thank you for it too.

Spotting those smaller, often-forgotten laundry items is easy thanks to this dryer's interior light, which illuminates the inside of the drum for added convenience when unloading.

The large door opening helps you effortlessly load and unload bulkier laundry items with ease.

The water tank is conveniently located at the top of the tumble dryer for easy access and disposal.

Ideal for days where you can't unload your laundry straight away, our automatic anti-creasing function can be programmed to periodically tumble your laundry for up to 2 hours after the cycle. By minimising creases in your clothes, this function can also make light, easy work of your ironing duties.

By blowing cool air into the drum minutes before the end of the cycle, our automatic cool down phase allows you to comfortably unload your laundry.


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Candy 10kg Condenser Dryer GVSC10DE-80

Sensor Drying
The condenser tumble dryer features clever sensor dry technology, meaning you can set the level of dryness you require and the dryer then switches off automatically when this level of dryness has been reached. This prevents over-drying your clothes or wasting electricity.

In-Door Water Collection
The Candy easycase is a unique, patented water reservoir container built right into the tumble dryer's door. The ergonomically designed easycase reservoir makes it easy to see when the water needs emptying and has a convenient handle for easy removal for emptying and carrying in the same way as a small bag. The collected water can be reused around the home, such as filling the steam iron, mopping floors or watering plants. Not suitable for drinking.

Download the Candy simply Wi-Fi app to your Android smartphone and connect via NFC to control and manage your appliance via your mobile phone. With just one touch you can enjoy a range of cutting-edge features including programming when you want the dryer to start, downloading specialist programmes to suit your needs, perform health check features and check if any components require attention.

Product Features:
Smart touch
NFC connectivity
End of cycle indicator
10 Drying programmes
Water and fluff filter indicator


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Hoover 11kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer DXWH11A2TCEXM-80

Product details:

Sensor drying accurately monitors the heat used and the programme duration in comparison to the load, making changes where possible to save on resources.

Heat pump dryers re-use the hot air that passes through the drum, by recycling it through the evaporator rather than venting away. This removes the moisture and keeps hold of the remaining hot air, which is then driven back into the drum. Heat pump dryers dry at roughly 50 degrees compared to a normal dryer at 80 degrees, so they are better for your clothes and are perfect for delicate garments reducing shrinkage.

All in One cycle can handle a mixed load of up to 11kg, with anti-odours serving as an additional refresh setting alongside special options for shirts, jeans and synthetics.

Three rapid choices which take 30, 45 and 59 minutes to complete respectively are on the digital display.

Aqua Vision water container, which is conveniently a part of the door and can easily be removed to be emptied.

Sensor drying.
Remaining time display
Delay Start
Check lint filter
Wastewater hose supplied
Hoover Wizard allows you to operate this machine from your smartphone
A++ energy rating
LCD display
Reverse action
Extremely energy efficient with the average load costing less than 30 cents
Quiet at only 67dB
Up to 165 minutes of timed drying
15 drying programs


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